Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Finished early? Nice, look at you! Here’s a small list of other things to try if you have spare time to continue tinkering with the unicorn monitoring system:

  • Write a consumer for the wildrydes stream in the programming language of your choice using the AWS SDKs. Experiment with the output format.

  • Build an Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics application which reads from the wildrydes stream and selects data points where any of the unicorns' vital signs is below 100 points.

  • Create an AWS Lambda function to read from the stream and send proactive alerts to operations personnel when any of the unicorns' unicorn’s vital signs is below 100 points.

  • Write additional Amazon Athena queries. Find:

    • Select all latitude and longitude pairs reported by a unicorn on a trip.
    • All data points captured after a specific timestamp.
    • The total all-time distance traveled by each unicorn.
    • All data points where a unicorn’s vitals were below 100 points.